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Generic clopidogrel vs plavix, rosuvastatin pravastatin, and sibutramine vs imipramine) or to identify whether these patients should be treated with statins as secondary therapy [4]. Table 6 (continued) A total of 13 810 patients were eligible to have a coronary event registered as an outcome in this trial the UK between May 2006 and November 2010, comprising 20 641 who were offered treatment during the trials' registration period and 13 905 who were entered in the trial. All patients were recruited through the general practice. As an alternative to entering into a clinical trial, patients were able to participate in the study if they were willing and able to have their blood drawn by a coronary angiography train officer (CATO). The CATO is a nurse trained in coronary risk measurement and treatment from the UK Cardiac Society with an expertise in managing patients with abnormal coronary angiography [23]. The catheter with a stent was stuck into the coronary artery to identify its stenosis. After the angiography of coronary artery, CATO measured the stent diameter and stenosis. Patients who had either a large stenosis (≥5 mm/carl) or an inadequate stent diameter (≤2.5 cm [1–5]) were referred to a vascular specialist and were offered a procedure with larger diamter to fill the large stenosis. Patients who received both large and adequate stents were treated with a combination of prothrombin time (PT) and long-acting statin therapy to lower LDL cholesterol [9]. The treatment of an inadequate or large stent volume was based on a clinical review of the angiogram as to its clinical significance, and these individuals were then referred to a vascular specialist with an expertise in treating patients with inadequate or large stents for a procedure to close the artery and improve its efficiency. There was no provision made for patients to have a stent removed at the time of enrolment or for a biopsy to be performed if an inadequate or large stent was found. Patients who were referred for replacement stents in this study were not randomized to either Sildenafil citrate 50mg or 100mg of the lipid-lowering drugs. Information on lifestyle factors (smoking, alcohol, exercise) and medical diagnoses (e.g. high blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure, valve dysfunction, angina) from the electronic health records was obtained from the of all eligible patients, from the clinical trial registration, and from the primary care records of participating physicians. For all patients who died, their records and the results of any angiography were also available from their physicians' records. All patients were followed-up until they no longer eligible or until the end of follow-up period. Baseline characteristics of all patients included in this study were as follows: mean age was 49 years (SD 5); 57% of the patients were female; mean number of family members aged 20 and over who had been enrolled with them in the UK CABG Trial was 27 (range 1–53); 71% of the patients Effexor generic equivalent had been married or in a relationship; the mean number of children with the same sex as husband or wife was 17; 95% of patients reported living in the UK; and a mean (±SD) annual income of £39 000 (range £19 000–£65 000). Patients were also asked if they had been employed in the past 12 months after baseline year.

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