9 thoughts on “Flowing well, Morgan County IN, early spring

  1. We pass this site a few times every week as it is on our way to church. I can vouch that it is indeed on private property but there is rarely a time we go by that people aren’t there filling up. I know my grandfather spoke of getting water from there as a boy so this has been flowing for decades. I’m fortunate enough to live nearby and our well taps into this water source which provides the best tasting, clear water I’ve ever seen. We had our well tested when we bought our property and the guy said it was some of the best water he has tested in the county. I wouldn’t be scared to drink from this spot.

    1. I don’t know what Kay is talking about. They’re just making stuff up and it’s weird. I literally went there today and filled a bottle up. There was a guy from the neighborhood there who said it’s tested regularly by the city and is owned by the public government. He is even said hes used it for years. I have photos to prove I was there.

    2. Hi Eric,
      I want to clarify some confusion about the spring and the purpose of my site. The Well Stories site is a place to share stories about public springs, not to provide directions to them. If you need directions to a spring, findaspring.com is a good source for that. I don’t provide directions to springs because those that are on private property, such as the one in Morgan County, are often not tested on a regular basis. I just verified this with the Morgan County Health Dept – the spring water is not tested by them. I only share the locations of springs that are on public property (such as a public park), or those that I know are regularly tested by the county health department. But I am curious about your comment, and if you can verify its ownership and the agency that is testing it, I would love to know! All the best, Kay

    1. Hi Carlyle, I can’t vouch for this water, because I don’t have any knowledge about whether it’s been tested.

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