8 thoughts on “Tree Spring, Vermillion County IN

  1. Always stop there when I go to Lower Mounds Cemetery where my dad’s side of the family is buried. Was there today. People were filling jugs. The flow pipe is now much lower than pictured.

    1. Hello Debbie,
      I think that the water is still available for public access, but it has been a few years since I have been at this site to verify.

  2. Kay what a pleasant surprise when I was doing a search for roadside water wells or fountains in the area of Newport, In. My grandparents and Gr Gr are from Vermillion Co. I have a “color” photo of my mother and aunt drinking from a fountain with their old black Model T beside the road. Beautiful and natural photograph. I have always wondered where this is located. I am sure there are many. I do hope they were not for horses only–this photo has a upward spout. The sound on your site is beautiful. I am going to record it. Thank you Kay for all that you do. Best regards Lavonne

  3. This is beyond beautiful. The delicate white beastie has trekked (what to him must be) a long distance to taste this crystalline water. It makes me feel the Unity of All Living Things, deep in my core.

    Thank you so much for this work, Kay, and I do hope it is still in progress. The clips and sounds of the water itself inform your work with a peaceful yet powerful impact, much like water itself. I sometimes come here to meditate, and only wish the clips were longer…

    I am a back-road afficianado and a lover of water in all of its forms, and I lifelong have concentrated on the unique music of different Indiana waterfalls. This opens a new audio vista for me. And I am glad (after long consideration) that you have *not* given the GPS co-ordinates or other specific location aids. The seeking and the journeys will make this even more fascinating. For instance, I have driven by the “Stonehenge” well in Morgan County, know I have seen that configuration on a roadside wander, but have no idea of exactly where it is.

    Thanks again, Kay. It is wonderful.

    1. Thank you so much for this lovely comment! I love the sounds of the water too, they are such peaceful places with such amazing history. I am taking a bit of a break from driving this year, but hopefully will be back to continue this project soon – Kay

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