7 thoughts on “Artesian Flow Rest Park, Watervliet MI

  1. Please answer as soon as possible. What is in the water? I have a cancer patient that would like to start drinking from this spring.

    1. Hello Antonina –
      My best wishes for a quick recovery. This site is for sharing personal stories about springs, but it is not used to verify water quality or contents of any of the springs featured on it. You may want to contact the local health department to see if they can provide information on this spring. All the best –

  2. I wish there was some info history behind this,,,,how it works where it comes from and what could reach it,like what could flow into it,underground. And also, one jug, smelled fine, the other smelled like rotten eggs.

    1. I would love to learn more about the history of this spring as well. I have heard that there used to be two – one on each side of the road. It is located in a public rest stop, so it is tested regularly –

  3. I tasted it yesterday. I has a bit of a sulfur smell and somewhat of a mineral taste. It is very clear and quite safe but our deep well at home has better tasting and smelling water.

  4. Hi Lynne,
    This is a pubic rest stop park, so it is tested. Its been awhile since I had the water, but it was good!

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